I love going to gigs but I don’t always have my camera – at times it’s nice to just enjoy the show. I am lucky to have many friends who are musicians and where I can I take shots of their performance, often times in some weird and wonderful places.

Laima Bite

This year I took my camera to Common People Festival Oxford for the first time and it makes you realise pretty quick that you may not have all the kit you want to shoot each situation. As an enthusiast seeing the mostly male press photographers with their telephoto lenses and two, yes two full frame cameras fully loaded waiting for the next best shot and access pass is mildly intimidating but then I think even they had to start somewhere and my kits not too shabby!

Jungle Brothers

Photography is, for most at least a passion and for some lucky buggers a full time occupation. I remember feeling chuffed to bits with my entry level DSLR, taking shots of everything. I was the irritating person at a gig asking “togs” (after the gig had finished, of course) about tips, preferred camera etc. Some were really helpful, others looked at me with cool disdain.

Death Of The Maiden

You begin to learn that the internet is a wonderful place and that why should people willingly give their knowledge to you for free. I’m no great technician (yet!) and I find that aspect of photography really hard at times but it’s important to learn that side of things. That’s what I didn’t do with the guitar and years later I still suck!

Anton Barbeau

What I think I do have is an eye for a good shot and I do what I do in my own way and sometimes people actually like it. And that’s always nice.

Low light

Anywhere you’re shooting without full on sunlight is considered a low light situation. And I love it! I can be often found sitting (usually in the cold) in pitch dark playing around with my shutter speeds.

Andersey Island
Andersey Island

Its exciting too, bit like developing film as I don’t know what I might have captured until I get back in the warm and plug in the laptop. Playing with aperture is also really interesting. You yearn for a sharp image (often an illusive beast in such conditions), you want a deep depth of field when you’re taking in a landscape. I just monkey about with it, crank up the ISO as high as you can get away with and see what happens.

Cottage in Snowdonia

I like the idea of sneaking out at night (not sure why I have to be sneaking out), getting in the car and driving to somewhere really dark and secluded and instead of murdering someone, taking low light photographs. It must be my love of the sinister and paranormal. I love a good ghost hunt too!

Oxford High Street

Cruising the streets at night in this instance is very enjoyable and entirely legal. People walking about, you can often find something of interest. I think there is just more drama in the dark, and everyone looks better in low light.




Living in England surrounded by such beautiful countryside is a privilege. We have so many country houses and public byways to explore.


I live on a boat moored on the Thames and wake up to the best view. Tons of wildlife and amazing clear skies at night.


I’m lucky enough to work at some wonderful places alongside some really interesting people.

Laima Bite Famous Banana Pictures Photo by Sarah Wilson-Blackwell (24)

My social group is an eclectic and diverse mix (that’s code for weirdos and misfits) and they can lead me down some rabbit holes!



My new favourite thing to do. Infrared photography; capturing light not visible to our eyesight. Skies are dark and foliage white.


Using an unconverted camera I opted for a popular Hoya 72 filter. I’m still new to it and finding my feet with regards the best exposure/aperture etc.

church false colour

Playing about with false colour processing is really interesting and difficult and I’m still not truly happy with these examples.


With long exposures also comes blurring so there is always a little softness when trees move in the breeze. I do however enjoy the process of tripod work but it would be nice to take photos of things that move, like people so I will consider a full conversion at some stage.