Anywhere you’re shooting without full on sunlight is considered a low light situation. And I love it! I can be often found sitting (usually in the cold) in pitch dark playing around with my shutter speeds.

Andersey Island
Andersey Island

Its exciting too, bit like developing film as I don’t know what I might have captured until I get back in the warm and plug in the laptop. Playing with aperture is also really interesting. You yearn for a sharp image (often an illusive beast in such conditions), you want a deep depth of field when you’re taking in a landscape. I just monkey about with it, crank up the ISO as high as you can get away with and see what happens.

Cottage in Snowdonia

I like the idea of sneaking out at night (not sure why I have to be sneaking out), getting in the car and driving to somewhere really dark and secluded and instead of murdering someone, taking low light photographs. It must be my love of the sinister and paranormal. I love a good ghost hunt too!

Oxford High Street

Cruising the streets at night in this instance is very enjoyable and entirely legal. People walking about, you can often find something of interest. I think there is just more drama in the dark, and everyone looks better in low light.



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