Welcome to Wilson Blackwell Photography

Sarah Wilson-Blackwell

I am an Oxford based freelance reportage photographer offering candid, honest shots of the subjects that interest me. My love affair with photography began around 10 years ago when I purchased my first digital camera. I still remain passionate and insanely interested in the art form. With each new project comes learning and hopefully improvement.


Photography was an inevitable artistic way in which to record moments in time of the places and people I meet. I am intrinsically a creative person with a background in art, music and drama. I play several instruments as well as being a vocalist and songwriter.  I live on a house boat in Oxfordshire where I can indulge my other interests such as being lazy, writing and watching old movies.

I hope you enjoy my images.


I really enjoy watching performers, local or otherwise. I sometimes even get lucky enough to be added as photographer with guest DJ’s allowing me access to up and coming or established artists. Common People and The Big Feastival have been a pleasure this year and I managed to capture shots of veteran roots music advocate and DJ David “Ram Jam” Rodigan as well as Grime and Rap artist Professor Green.



As a people watcher I like to capture a face. Some have that certain something that makes you want to take a photo of them and each has a unique beauty. In this visual age more so than ever before we like to record and mark our special occasions.

A photograph may be the only record you have of that time and event and that is a very powerful and emotive thing.



I really love low light photography. An evening shot almost automatically adds drama and atmosphere. I spend a lot of time in poorly lit rooms and that can be actually pretty challenging in a non studio set up but it really is so enjoyable to capture images at those times.

A landscape shot; waiting in the cold with long exposed images doesn’t sound so great but it really is because you often don’t get to see the full result until you upload your work on a monitor. Bliss.